The 2020 Annual Report

Everyone with a mental health and/or substance use disorder deserves access to services. Likewise, each individual with a disability deserves a chance to make connections and live life to the fullest. The difficulties from the past year have tested us all. It has been especially challenging for those already struggling with mental health. For Southside Behavioral Health, the work never stopped. Now more than ever, providing individualized compassionate competent care is necessary for keeping our local communities safe and healthy.

We are pleased to share with you Southside Behavioral Health’s 2020 Annual Report. This report was created to release a comprehensive community-oriented review of our services to our local clients and partners. Inside, you will find a variety of success stories, reviews, and outcomes from our client satisfaction survey, as well as our top organizational achievements throughout the year.

During this past year, Southside Behavioral Health has been focused primarily on keeping our doors and phone lines open, ensuring access to services and accountability for our valued clients and individuals. This involved quickly adjusting from in-person services to telehealth services. Using this method, we were able to continue providing the services necessary to keep our communities healthy and stable. Additionally, as an organization, Southside Behavioral Health battled the growing opioid epidemic, homelessness, and substance use in our local communities.

Download the full report here.