Temporary Rate Increase at Southside Behavioral Health

Individuals who pay out of pocket for their services at Southside may see a small increase due to an increase in Medicaid rates by 12.5%. This will likely not affect many individuals seeking services at Southside Behavioral Health, as individuals who pay out of pocket do so at a reduced rate based on a sliding scale.

This is a temporary increase that will end on June 30, 2022.

As part of the pandemic response, the Commonwealth of Virginia received funding to provide relief of the impact of the revenues lost during the height of the pandemic. As part of this relief package, the Department of Medical Assistance, Medicaid, increased the rates by 12.5% to mental health agencies for some services that are provided. This includes many of the outpatient services provided by Southside Behavioral Health and because they increased their rates, we have to increase ours.

If you need assistance with your payments or have additional questions please see the reimbursement technician in the facility where you receive your services.