State of Mind: How Trauma-Informed First Responders Improve Community Relationships

Join us with guest speaker Joey Lopresti for our third interview on the subject of trauma-informed practices and their impact on communities. Lopresti is Captain of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s office, investigative division. His law enforcement career began 15 years ago with the Virginia Beach police department. Then, in 2014 he was given the opportunity to move back to his childhood home and offer support to teams where he grew up. Lopresti is a patrol training officer, defensive tactics instructor, hostage crisis negotiator, and more. He has also been a critical member of our Crisis Intervention Team, which trains our region’s first responders to better manage crisis-related calls for service.

Look for our other podcasts on the importance of trauma-informed communities coming soon as we prepare for our virtual Building Trauma Responsive Communities Conference in May.

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