Emergency Services

Crisis Intervention

To deliver the quality care clients need, Southside Behavioral Health's certified professionals are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our crisis intervention team assesses clients to determine the most appropriate action to meet client needs.

For clients who do not qualify for inpatient hospitalization, Southside Behavioral Health is able to offer both immediate and ongoing services that help prevent the further progression of a crisis. Our team of professionals is able to offer follow-up treatment planning, referrals, emergency therapy and more.


Crisis Stabilization (STEPS)

Southside Behavioral Health therapists provide elevated levels of compassionate care for individuals experiencing mental health emergencies. Crisis Stabilization (also known as Self Awareness Transition Empowerment Plan (STEPS)) is short-term intensive-outpatient therapy intended to avert potential hospitalization.

This service is less intensive than inpatient care, but also more intensive than regular outpatient therapy. It also offers a faster way for clients to access medication evaluation and management in an emergency.

Through this service, clients are able to manage stress and decrease anxiety in order to find a healthy balance within their life. It is our intention to provide every client with individualized attention and care. Clients should exit our facilities with the resources and coping skills necessary to manage stress and avoid future psychiatric emergencies.

What our clients say about us

of clients find our services helpful.
of clients say they are treated with respect.
of clients like the services they receive here.
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"I think it's a good place to come to work on your problems and skills to learn how to get on your own."

"All the staff in Boydton are wonderful and have been a big help. The groups have made a big difference in my life. They have helped me greatly with my recovery and staying well."

"They do an amazing job at what they do, and they have done a wonderful job getting the help that my children need."

"I absolutely LOVE my therapist! She is SO down to earth, listens very carefully when I talk, and always gives very good advice!! PLEASE keep her on board here!"

"I don't know how to express gratitude to the people here. They go way beyond my expectations. They answer all question and show they really care."

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Individualized Competent Care

Southside Behavioral Health provides individualized culturally competent care in our communities, by supporting wellness and quality of life in a recovery-oriented environment and professional manner.