Early Intervention

All children deserve their best chance to succeed.

Southside Behavioral Health’s Early Intervention Service Coordinators work to arrange various services for children up to age 3, depending on the child’s individual needs. Service Coordinators can connect children to Enhanced Service Providers for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Developmental Services.

Every child’s development is unique. The questions and statements below are broad indicators of developmental progress and are not intended to suggest a particular medical condition or diagnosis. Contact your child’s enhanced service provider for information about specific concerns.

0-3 months

Does your baby respond to loud noises, demonstrate a social smile, coo, visually follow an object, and begin to hold their head erect? Does your baby stop crying when he hears your voice? Does your baby get excited when he sees you?

MB 9 Weeks

3-6 months

Does your baby recognize and respond to his/her name, use vowel-like sounds (coos), hold and explore toys and roll over? Does your baby look at your face when you are talking to him/ her. Does your baby look around the room when he hears a sound? Is your baby starting to put objects in their mouths?

6-12 months

Does your baby respond to his or her name, babble and begin to speak his/her first words such as "ma-ma" and "da-da." Does your baby smile more and is now starting to laugh? Does your baby sit unsupported, follow simple requests, transfer toys from one hand to the other hand, and wave "bye-bye"? Does your baby shake toys and is beginning to bite and chew on them?


12-18 months

Does your child follow simple directions, begin to name objects, take steps on his/ her own, scribble with a crayon, finger feed, and begin to drink from a sippy cup? Has your child started handing you toys? Has your child begun to engage in social games like “peek-a-boo” or “patty cake”? Is your child babbling or jargoning more? Has your child begun to imitate you sweeping or polishing the furniture? Words should be increasing now to maybe 10-20 words.

18-24 months

Does your child recognize pictures in a book, point to body parts, begin to use two word sentences, put shapes in a shape sorter, kick and throw a ball, and eat table foods independently? Is your child able to put away their toys when directed? Is your child beginning to pretend play with a doll or stuffed animal? By 24 months, does your child have about 50 words, with some 2 word phrases such as: “more juice”/ “I want”.


2-3 Years

Does your child follow 2- to 3-step unrelated commands; understand and use 2-4 word sentences to communicate family names, action, common objects, location (i.e., in, out) and attributes (i.e., big, hot, dirty); use pretend play; and draw simple pictures? Is your child playing well with other same age children? Is he/ she sharing toys? Words should be increasing to maybe 75 words by 28 months.

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*Based on 2023 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

"I think it's a good place to come to work on your problems and skills to learn how to get on your own."

"All the staff in Boydton are wonderful and have been a big help. The groups have made a big difference in my life. They have helped me greatly with my recovery and staying well."

"They do an amazing job at what they do, and they have done a wonderful job getting the help that my children need."

"I absolutely LOVE my therapist! She is SO down to earth, listens very carefully when I talk, and always gives very good advice!! PLEASE keep her on board here!"

"I don't know how to express gratitude to the people here. They go way beyond my expectations. They answer all question and show they really care."

"Great staff, nurses, and providers."

"The staff were very friendly and professional. When speaking with my therapist, I felt safe and heard. She really helped me turn a corner in my recovery. They really helped me, and I am very thankful to have been able to get my treatment here."

"The staff have respect me listens and treats so nice here yes I would recommend this agency to family and friend."

"Very good at accommodating, I also think that access to the therapists are easy."

"My son loves coming to his appointments, the staff is great and helpful. I'd recommend this facility to anyone."

"I have been made to feel completely comfortable about opening up my thoughts & feelings. I truly feel heard and cared about."

"I am satisfied with my therapist. She calls me at the night time to check on me."

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