Developmental Disabilities

Support Coordination

Individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have more success when they have some choice and control over their own care. Southside Behavioral Health support coordinators facilitate this by providing individuals with various opportunities for treatment and community engagement. They are always on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to better integrate individuals with their communities. This may include building community connections through social participation and meaningful employment that allows individuals to live their own lives as safely and independently as possible.


Enhanced Support Coordination

Enhanced support coordination provides additional levels of care for individuals with higher needs. Through this service, support coordinators provide increased levels of support, mediation, and accountability for individuals in order to ensure they are receiving the best quality care for their needs. This means that residential as well as other services are monitored more closely to ensure individuals comfort and success.

DD Waiver

The state of Virginia has three waivers available for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They are as follows: Building Independence Waiver, Family and Individual Support Waiver, and Community Living Waiver. Southside Behavioral Health manages intellectual and developmental disability waivers for the counties of Mecklenburg, Halifax and Brunswick located in southern Virginia. Our experienced staff assists individuals with both the application process and maintaining awarded waivers. To find out if you are eligible, please contact us today at 1-833-272-2778.


Residential Services

Southside Behavioral Health residential homes are built to cater to their needs of our individuals. These homes are designed to give individuals the freedom to be themselves in safe, healthy environments capable of providing individualized attention and care. Every individual is partnered with a Southside Behavioral Health support coordinator who helps create a customized plan tailored to individual needs and preferences. By encouraging personal growth and independence, our residential homes provide the foundation necessary for individuals to live life to the fullest.

Group Homes

Southside Behavioral Health group homes provide safe, supportive environments to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Support coordinators make housing referrals for individuals as well as build individualized service plans that target specific individual interests. These plans are closely monitored and maintained with both families and any necessary referring agencies. Individuals are also eligible for day support services located at the Southside Behavioral Health Creative Innovation Centers or other appropriate service location of their choice.


Semi-Independent Living

Semi-independent living homes provide intellectual or developmental disability individuals with a progressive step in their continuum of care. These individuals usually perform everyday tasks with little to no assistance. However, Southside Behavioral Health staff are available to assist when needed for daily living tasks, such as money management, medication management, cooking, housekeeping, and more. Our staff are always there to help or to customize living quarters based on an individual’s needs, ensuring every individual is able to live their best life as independently as possible.

Intermediate Care Facilities

Hope House and Brandon Home provide intensive, highly supervised residential and specialized care for individuals. These ICF-ID/DD homes help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle and support adaptive behavior to enhance their level of functioning. Other services provided include nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, behavioral training, dietetic consultation, psychological coordination services, dental services, and intensive 24/7 supervision. In addition, local contacts will be made in the surrounding communities to implement other services identified in an individual’s service plan.


Day Services

Day services provide individuals with opportunities for tailored community interaction. Individuals can choose between three different styles of community engagement based on their abilities and comfort level. Even better, they can mix and match between all three, allowing them to get extra practice and build more confidence functioning within their community. These services are specifically designed to help individuals develop the social and communication skills necessary for living and working as independently as possible.

Community Engagement

Through these services, individuals are coached and encouraged to develop personal relationships within their community. Our talented support specialists assist individuals in various community activities, such as festivals, art shows, volunteering, book readings, and more. These activities provide individuals with a positive foundation in social behavior and interpersonal skills, making it easier for them to maintain personal networks of support and make their own decisions.


Community Coaching

For individuals in need of additional support, Southside Behavioral Health offers Community Coaching. This services provides one-on-one support to address specific areas of need that may be holding an individual back from participating in other forms or community engagement.

Group Day

This service provides individuals with the opportunity to learn everyday social skills among their peers. Southside Behavioral Health staff provide group day events to develop peer interactions, community integration, career planning, and social networks. These skill sets are specifically targeted to help individuals make informed choices, participate within their community, and get the most out of life.


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