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Same Day Access

Southside Behavioral Health's healthcare professionals are available weekdays Monday through Friday for same-day assessments. At Southside Behavioral Health, we make it a priority to get clients the help they need, when they need it. Same day assessments are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and there is no appointment necessary. For a complete list of locations and times, please see Appointments & Scheduling or call 1-833-272-2778 (1-833-CSB-APPT).

same day access
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Comprehensive Assessment

On their initial visit, behavioral health clients meet with one of our highly trained therapists to complete a comprehensive assessment. Clients are asked questions about their history, symptoms, previous treatments, and current needs. Based on assessment results, Southside Behavioral Health's therapists will recommend one or more treatment services specifically tailored to each client. (If clients need services outside our current offerings, appropriate referrals will be made within the community.)

Outpatient Therapy

Individual and family therapy is provided to children and families with a diagnosed serious emotional disturbance. These sessions are provided by a licensed professional or a practitioner currently in supervision for licensure. Outpatient therapy may focus on symptoms related to traumatic life experiences, family dynamic issues, or social deficits among other identified treatment concerns. Treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, among others.


Southside Behavioral Health provides individual and group therapy options that address mental health concerns in both adults and children. These specialized treatment plans are arranged around individual client needs and carried out at one of our three behavioral health offices. Child therapy options must incorporate a primary caregiver.

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Psychiatry through Telehealth

Telepsychiatry is the use of real-time patient and provider interactions using video calls and web-conferencing. Telehealth methods can expand the ability of clinics to provide direct psychiatric care when in-person care is not possible due to distance, shortage of providers in an area, or during a
pandemic or health-related emergency. Telehealth services have grown considerably in recent years and has started to become incorporated into clinics’ standard practices and long term continuation of care.

Southside Behavioral Health uses telepsychiatry to provide psychiatric services for adolescents and children, including psychiatric evaluations for diagnoses and follow-up psychiatric care. Most often, these appointments are for medication management; however, psychiatric providers may also see patients for diagnostic clarification, client education, and contributions to treatment plans to enhance recovery and wellness.

Case Management

Services are provided to the families of children with a diagnosed serious emotional disturbance which requires support in the community and home to include linking and connecting of necessary services to ensure the client maintains stability in their primary environment. This could include managing appointments, connecting with specialized providers, or participating in team meetings to ensure support is adequately provided to the youth and their family.

Our case managers assist individuals (children and adults) with accessing needed medical, psychiatric, social, educational, and vocational services. Case managers also connect clients to whatever specialized resources and support they may need within their communities. Additionally, they continually check-in and assess clients in order to quickly address any additional levels of need or support as well as to evaluate client satisfaction and success on an individual level.


Psychosocial Rehabilitation

An important resource for those struggling with mental health, Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a great way for clients to integrate themselves into the community and learn important skills needed for everyday life. This service provides clients with a unique mix of education, socialization, and peer support. For example, clients integrate into the community with shopping trips and lunch dates that teach important life skills, such as communication and budgeting. Clients can also participate in medication training and talk about different symptoms with peers in a safe, educational environment.

Overall, this gives clients practice and confidence in developing healthy, stable relationships needed to cope with everyday life.


In-School Services

These services are being offered through your school’s guidance department. We are working together with educational professionals to make sure our local youth have the best chance to succeed in school and their community.

Services will be provided in coordination with the educational team. Students will also be able to walk up to their nurse’s station/guidance department to access a confidential crisis discussion or medication management.


School-based Family Peer Support

Peer Services offers clients a support network for sharing experiences, learning effective coping strategies, and coping with day-to-day stressors. Peer service support groups are led by Peer Recovery Specialists. These individuals have their own “lived experience” with mental health and/or substance use. As such, they can use this experience to provide individual and/or group sessions around relevant topics related to issues with recovery. Through Peer Services, clients become more comfortable discussing details of their recovery as well as gain access to community resources useful for success.

Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Outpatient SUD treatment involves individual therapy provided to children or adolescents who have a diagnosed substance use disorder, and/or are diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance along with the substance use issues or high risk substance use behaviors. Clients may be referred by families, community organizations, school systems, or the court systems.

May be done in group or individual sessions.


Parenting Classes

In this series, parents will identify their own discipline styles and learn strategies to be in relationship with their children, even while setting clear and consistent boundaries.
Classes cover:

  • Parenting styles
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Emotional regulation
  • Brain and child development
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Maintaining a balance
  • Connecting with your child

Course content based off evidence based parenting trainings.


The Seven Challenges

The Seven Challenges is a comprehensive counseling program for adolescents with substance abuse problems and was listed in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP). It is well suited for work with youth involved in the juvenile justice system and has been widely used in the community and in secure facilities across the country. The program is developmentally appropriate: Instead of dictating behavior to youth, it presents a decision-making model and helps young people make their own informed decisions about their direction in life and use of drugs.


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"I think it's a good place to come to work on your problems and skills to learn how to get on your own."

"All the staff in Boydton are wonderful and have been a big help. The groups have made a big difference in my life. They have helped me greatly with my recovery and staying well."

"They do an amazing job at what they do, and they have done a wonderful job getting the help that my children need."

"I absolutely LOVE my therapist! She is SO down to earth, listens very carefully when I talk, and always gives very good advice!! PLEASE keep her on board here!"

"I don't know how to express gratitude to the people here. They go way beyond my expectations. They answer all question and show they really care."

"Great staff, nurses, and providers."

"The staff were very friendly and professional. When speaking with my therapist, I felt safe and heard. She really helped me turn a corner in my recovery. They really helped me, and I am very thankful to have been able to get my treatment here."

"The staff have respect me listens and treats so nice here yes I would recommend this agency to family and friend."

"Very good at accommodating, I also think that access to the therapists are easy."

"My son loves coming to his appointments, the staff is great and helpful. I'd recommend this facility to anyone."

"I have been made to feel completely comfortable about opening up my thoughts & feelings. I truly feel heard and cared about."

"I am satisfied with my therapist. She calls me at the night time to check on me."

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