SBH Presents at Third Southern Virginia Challenge Launch

In honor of the third Southern Virginia Challenge launch, sponsored by Microsoft, ChangeX invited some of their previous change leaders and funding recipients to speak about their experiences and help kick off the new year of funding, including Southside Behavioral Health.

Southside Behavioral Health was present to speak about our pollinator garden initiative, which was sponsored through funding from the previous year. It was a great opportunity to highlight the success of the project and comment on how this and other community initiatives affect the overall health of our local communities. In total, our pollinator project has benefited more than 100 individuals and families as well as provided an educational opportunity for them to learn more about how pollinators benefit our environment.

Other highlighted projects during the kickoff included a “Thinkscape” project in Halifax where an uncomfortable and neglected alley was turned into an inviting and educational mural for the community. Also, Southside Outreach was present to talk about their Community Fridge, which addressed food poverty in our local region and assisted over 800 people.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team, Microsoft, and ChangeX for these opportunities to improve our local communities and say that we are excited to work together on future projects to drive change within our local areas.