SBH Partners with Local Business to Launch Youth Pledge Campaign to Reject Nicotine-Use


BRUNSWICK , MECKLENBURG, & HALIFAX, VIRGINIA – Southside Behavioral Health is partnering with local businesses across the counties of Halifax, Mecklenburg, and Brunswick, Virginia to create a youth pledge campaign offering discounts to youth who take a pledge to be nicotine-free.

“Despite a decrease in traditional cigarette-use, vaping and nicotine-use still exists in our communities,” said Prevention Manager, Kenan Tyner-Smith.

In a local youth survey conducted by Southside Behavioral Health during the Fall of 2022, over 20% of youth responded that they tried nicotine products for the first time at the age of 16 and 60% of youth responded that they had tried e-cigarettes at least once. Over 40% of survey respondents reported that they would like to quit using nicotine products within the next six months. To help them get started, Southside Behavioral Health and other local businesses across the region are partnering to offer youth who take a nicotine-free pledge discounts on services and products throughout the months of April, May and June.

“By continually reinforcing positive health behaviors, we hope to improve health outcomes for our local youth,” said Tyner-Smith.

Through this pledge campaign, Southside Behavioral Health is inviting both youth and organizations to get involved in the local health of our communities. Young people can get involved by taking the pledge and learning the facts about nicotine products. To take the pledge and for the complete list of participating organizations, visit