SBH Discusses Dementia at Refuge Temple

On April 14, 2022, Prevention Services along with Wanda Brock, CIT Coordinator, visited the Refuge Temple located at 14310 Boydton Plank Rd, Warfield, VA 23889. Wanda presented a PowerPoint presentation on dementia. Wanda discussed the multiple types of dementia, their root causes as well as signs and symptoms to be aware of when interacting with people who are diagnosed with dementia. There were three adult church members in attendance. After the presentation, there was an open discussion on Dementia effects and personal experiences from church members. Aimee Wootton of Prevention Services presented to attendees as well to discuss classes offered, volunteer opportunities, as well as the importance of prevention for the faith community. Folders were given to attendees with resources from Southside Behavioral Health and Southside Wellness Coalition. As requested, a few prevention services resource folders were left with the church members for other members that may benefit from the resources and information. The meeting was closed with prayers and thanks.