May is Early Intervention Awareness Month

In the state of Virginia, May is Early Intervention Awareness Month and we’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone how important these services are to our infants and toddlers not just throughout the commonwealth, but everywhere else as well.

What is Early Intervention (EI) and how does it work? Data shows infants and toddlers have the greatest learning opportunities within their home and those that surround them (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and their siblings). Sometimes infants and toddlers may just need a little support to help them reach developmental milestones. Since our little ones grow and develop so quickly, the earlier support they can receive, the quicker infants and toddlers can begin to meet those developmental milestones.

EI is a support service program for children ages birth to three years of age that offers services within the family home or another natural learning environment like the home of grandparents or daycare. Southside Behavioral Health’s Infant & Toddler Program (ITC of Southside) offers those supports. To find out more about Southside Behavioral Health’s Early Intervention Program, please call 434-738-0406 or visit