Southside Wellness Coalition Partners with Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office to host Hidden In Plain Sight

On Sunday April 21, 2024, the Southside Wellness Coalition and Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office joined together to host a Hidden In Plain Sight educational event at Bethany Baptist Church in Baskerville.  Community partners and advocates such as the Virginia Poison Control Center at VCU Health, Virginia Department of Health, Resilient Pathways, Virginia Medical Services Corps, Trauma Awareness & Resilience Partners (T.A.R.P.), Dr. Skyler Wells, and Southside Behavioral Health  joined together under the leadership of Sgt. Jamie King to provide an interactive overview of the dangers of substance use and marketing in our community. This event allowed participants to fully immerse themselves in the life of today’s youth and come face to face with the temptations, methods of concealing, and pressures of substance use that exist today. The SWC is proud to partner with incredible community members like the ones listed above to continue promoting and spreading wellness throughout our community.



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