De-Stress During the Holidays

Feeling overwhelmed thinking about the upcoming holidays and the logistics of spending time with family and friends, cooking large meals, buying groceries for those large meals, and everything in between? If you are noticing the signs of stress before the holiday season has even begun, read on!

We are here to help you out by offering up some tips and tricks to staying stress-free during these trying times. 

Feel free to utilize one or all of these tips to help you get in the perfect mindset for serene holiday fun! 


Tip #1
Take Time for Yourself

Hosting for the whole family and even friends is wonderful and rewarding, but it is hard to be a happy host when you’re stressed out and mentally drained. Write down some of the things that you enjoy and give yourself a break throughout your busy day to do those things. Whether it is crafting, yoga, meditation, watching cat videos on your phone, or whatever brings you joy, break up your day take some time for yourself. 


Tip #2
Accept Imperfections

When you forgot to take the turkey out to thaw or a last-minute gift is out of stock, take a deep breath and remember these things are not the end of the world! Mistakes and imperfections happen, they are a part of life. Go with the flow! Remember that your family still loves you and the holidays aren’t all about the minor details.


Tip #3

Exercising is different for everyone. If you don’t do heavy workouts regularly, we don’t recommend starting now, turkeys are heavy, and trying to carry one to the table with noodle arms is tough! We recommend doing something to blow off some steam: take a walk, meditate, ride your bike, or walk the dog. Walking away from the issues temporarily can help your mind reset, making it easier to solve problems. 


Tip #4
Learn to say “No”

It is healthy to set boundaries. You cannot be everywhere at once. It is impossible to please everyone, do not stretch yourself too thin for the holidays.  Start to make a plan, make lists, and if anything is brought up last minute or makes your plans difficult, remember it is okay to say no. It could be as simple as adding an extra side to your pre-existing menu or driving 5 hours to visit your long-lost cousin, don’t forget Tip #1, it is okay to think about yourself sometimes, keep your sanity and capabilities in mind when making plans. 


Tip #5
Ask for Help

Many of us take on a lot and expect ourselves to fulfill them alone, even while juggling many other tasks. Never be afraid to ask for help or accept it when it is offered. Whether it is your children, spouse, parents, friends, etc., learn to be okay with delegating or offloading your checklist when your physical/mental battery is running low. You would be surprised what other people can handle and take off your plate. If you’re worried, “What if it isn’t done right?” look back at Tip #2.