Tell your own story of recovery to help others find hope and understanding. Sharing and reading personal stories, artwork, poetry, videos, etc., is a great way to both give and find support in each other. Click below today to be an active voice in your local community and help break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

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Q&A with our Executive Director

What made you choose your profession? I love neuroscience, how the brain is affected by experience and…

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SBH Wins Pollinator Garden Grant

The first of three pollinator gardens was planted today at Southside Behavioral Health Administration located at 143…

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SBH Wins Behavioral Health Equity Mini-Grant

Awarded funds will be used to facilitate LGBTQ+ equity trainings for local community members, with special emphasis…

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SBH Wins Grant to Fight Homelessness

Southside Behavioral Health has been awarded additional Permanent Supportive Housing slots for our local housing program. On…

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Southside Behavioral Health Wins Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation for Youth Grant

For the next three years, Southside Behavioral Health (in partnership with local chambers and marketing organizations) will…

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CIT Training: Congratulations Graduates!

Southside Behavioral Health continues its commitment to serve the counties of Brunswick, Mecklenburg, and Halifax by hosting…

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