April is Child Abuse Prevention Month – Pinwheels for Prevention


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. During this month individuals, families, and communities come together to recognize the importance of preventing child abuse and neglect, which is necessary to create strong, healthy communities. This April, Southside Behavioral Health will display pinwheels outside each of our Child and Family Services locations as well as outside of our organization’s administration building in Clarksville, Virginia. Pinwheels are used each year during National Child Abuse Prevention Month to represent “a world where all children grow up happy, healthy, and prepared to succeed.

In Virginia alone, 24 children died as a result of abuse or neglect during 2023. Additionally, there were a total of 738 accepted child abuse/neglect allegations during 2023 in the counties of Mecklenburg, Halifax, and Brunswick Virginia. These allegations include medical neglect, mental abuse, physical abuse, physical neglect, sexual abuse, and substance exposure. Of these, physical neglect was cited as the most common occurrence of child abuse in the counties of Southside Virginia.

Child abuse/neglect events are called adverse childhood experiences and they have lasting effects on children’s mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that 62% of adults have at least one ACE while 1 in 6 adults have 4 or more ACEs. Ultimately, child abuse and neglect affect our entire community through long-term health impacts and increased costs to society.

Check out the numbers and websites below for more information or local resources for children and families:


Strategic Therapy Associates, Inc. (434-473-6933)
Services offered: 
Intensive In-home Therapy, Mental Health Skill Building, Parent Aide (CSA Funded), Therapeutic Mentor Services (CSA Funded), Family Functional Therapy (CSA Funded)

L& G Support Services LLC.434-656-3340

Services offered: Mentoring Services, Therapeutic Mentoring Services


Perfect Timing 434-572-0219

Services offered: Intensive In-home Services and Therapeutic Mentoring Services (FAPT funded), Substance Abuse Group (Referrals made through the community)


Intercept 804-239-0614

Services offered: Treatment Foster Care, Fresh Start Assessment & Diagnostic, Community Homes, YouthQuest Independent Living, YouthQuest Anywhere, Crisis Services, Psychiatric Services: True North Health Clinic,  Outpatient Services: Lifebridge Counseling, Mentoring, Life Skills Coaching & GPS Services,  Home Based Services, Mental Health Skill Building Services, Parenting Skills, School Based Services


Save Our Future 434-533-3090

Services offered: Mentoring (FAPT funded), Counseling, Intensive In-home Services


New Directions 434-372-3002

Services offered: Intensive In-home Services, After School Program, Mentoring (FAPT funded)


WE CARE 434-447-2019

Day care for children in South Hill, VA


Behavioral Health & Wellness Center 434-210-0450

ABA Therapy 


Hughes Center 



Gwen Yarborough (specialize in Autism)




Family Connections & Counseling and Evaluation Services